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Test Comment Thread

11.29.2012 @ 4:43 am in Uncategorized

Please post a comment to this post to make sure you are able to do so before we start the dispersal draft.

Thanks, Jason

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  1. Dakota is able to post a comment.

  2. Denver is in and ready for the 1st round. I will then need the next day to figure out rd 2.


  3. Ozark Country Squires are here, and have no clue about who we will take at #9… plan on doing a lot of research this weekend

  4. Seattle is good to go. Hopefully a new pic will be on it’s way. Otherwise use the one sent for the Classic league.

  5. Naperville is here and hoping Lew Alcinder is still available when I draft due to his reported embrace of Islam.

  6. I mean’t Chicago.

  7. Galion is in the house.

  8. Jason, Indianapolis is in. Thx, Jeff

  9. Sac town is in the house and ready to pick.

  10. North Coast is in. Thanks.

  11. Doc is here. Han Solo Chimpson is going down!!

  12. Brooklyn’s comment

  13. West Albany is ready

  14. Bart (KansasCity) created a new post and noting it here.

  15. Washington is here

  16. Er, I mean Virginia. I don’t even know where I am anymore.

  17. Tom Nahigian is in the house. The 1970′s decade was the era that made me a basketball fan. Dave Cowens, John Havlicek, Connie Hawkins, Pete Maravich, Julius Erving, Bill Walton. Take Care, Tom Nahigian

  18. Motown ready to bring on the funk

  19. Lowell is ready to go

  20. Cin City is able to post.

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